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a baker's hands slicing bread dough

Companion Bread Share exists to build community and bring joy to Durham and Chapel Hill through the breaking of bread and delicious baked goods. 
We began officially in 2019, when owner Kendall Vanderslice (yes, that's her true name!) was a student at Duke Divinity School studying the theology and history of bread. Word quickly spread that she'd been a professional baker prior to school and she received countless requests for fresh loaves.
She spent a semester baking out of her home kitchen and hand delivering loaves in class—students and faculty alike gasping "It's bread day!" whenever they caught the familiar scent. After graduation, she partnered with Summer Bicknell at Locopops, using their commercial kitchen to expand her business throughout the Triangle.
Our signature breads are made with a high-hydration, long-fermentation lean dough, mixed with a combination of high quality wheat and North Carolina-milled sprouted flours. The long fermentation makes the bread easily digestible, even for many with non-Celiac gluten intolerance. The bread subscription model allows for zero waste: every loaf is purchased before it’s made then delivered fresh.
We are firm believers that bread ought to be simple, and this entire business is modelled after that premise. We make just three flavors of bread a week—sandwich, cinnamon, and a rotating weekly special—using a simple blend of flour, water, salt, and a tiny bit of yeast. Through the share model, our customers become our friends, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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With a name like Strudel, he was destined to love baked goods as much as his baker-momma.