Order your Thanksgiving Bread and Pie today! We’re donating a loaf for every pie you buy. Click here to learn more!


What kind of flavors do you offer? 

Sandwich and cinnamon loaves are available every week, along with a rotating special. You’ll receive an email every Monday announcing the week’s flavor.

Is your bread vegan or nut free?

Our signature dough is made with just flour (a blend of all-purpose, sprouted wheat, and sprouts spelt), water, salt, and yeast—making it both vegan and nut free. We do occasionally include nuts, dairy, and/or meat in our weekly specials, but we'll always say so in the announcement. 

How do I store it?

If you plan to eat it all in a few days (and trust me, one person easily could!), you can keep it at room temperature in the bag it came in. If you think it will take you a little longer to make it through, then store it in the freezer. I recommend slicing it beforehand so that you can defrost only the amount you want to eat. To defrost an unsliced loaf, wrap in aluminum foil and bake at 300° for 20 minutes.

Just don’t refrigerate or defrost and then refreeze—this will lead to a less-than-ideal textured loaf.

When can I sign up?

Anytime! We take new shareholders on a rolling basis. Sign up and your share will start the following Thursday. If you order on a Wednesday or Thursday, your share will begin the *next* week.

I’m going out of town, can I put my share on hold?

Yes! You can manage your share from your account on this website. Just log in and choose to skip a week.

Hey, this sounds kind of like a CSA!

Yup, that’s exactly right! We’re modeled after community supported agriculture and really hope to instill similar community through bread.

Oh no! I forgot to pick up my loaf today. What do I do?

Loaves must be picked up by end of business on Friday or else they will be given away. Unfortunately we do not issue refunds for forgotten loaves.

Speaking of, do you issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds for individual loaves or shares. If your receive a loaf that is less than satisfactory, e-mail kendall@kendallvanderslice.com to see about a replacement loaf.